Compressed air filters

Filters play a vital role in the compressed air process. Depending on the end use, strict purity standards require a variety of contaminants to be removed, including oil aerosols, vapors and particulates. Contaminants can enter the compressed air from a variety of sources. Intake air can introduce dust or pollen particulates, while corroded pipes can add harmful particulates from within the compressor system. Oil aerosols and vapors are often a byproduct of using oil-injected compressors and must be filtered out before end use. There are distinct purity requirements for different compressed air applications, but the presence of contaminants can surpass acceptable levels, leading to damaged products or unsafe air. Most common compressed air filter are Condensate filters (Cyclone separators), Pre filters (Particle Filters) , Micro filter ( Oil vapor filter) and Activated carbon filter.

Condensate Filters (Cyclone Separator)
Pre filter_Microfilter_Activated Carbon Filter

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