Machinery Installation

We have been supplying and installing material handling equipment for over 20 years. It is the knowledge and experience that has been collected during this span of time that makes us capable of assisting you in the installation of your material handling system.

With every evolving industry, there are always new challenges and our technical experts have the necessary knowledge, experience and confidence to develop a specific solution for your project.

Our installations are backed by post-installation specialized training and maintenance services covered by standard and extended warranties

​Installation of electric Chain Hoists and Wire Rope Hoists of multi-speed motor models, with motorised and manual-driven trolleys, in operational environments tailored according to the individual requirements of the project, backed by post-installation training and maintenance services
Overhead Crane and Gantry systems with varying capacity and speed, depending on customer requirement and space availability
This installation takes into consideration parameters such as number of floors, cabin size, operational alerts and indicator requirements, choice of cabin material and inner and outer covering options
Implement customised monorail systems to complement Chain Hoist and Wire Rope Hoist installations

Installation of steel structures, with options of steel or wooden decking, based on required point load. Customized installation

Installation of mechanical Dock Levelers and Loading Ramps, both standard and customized, followed by specialized training covering safety procedures and working practices that would be essential for ensuring proper operation and long service life of your Dock Leveler

Your racking system solution – whether it is a Light Duty, Medium Duty or Heavy Duty racking system – is proposed based on a preliminary study outcome that takes into consideration key factors such as turning radius of warehouse truck, loading capacities and space optimisation

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