Training Programs

Our product installations and solution implementations are backed by specialized training that cover user awareness, safety, and standard equipment operating procedure – all that goes to ensure continuity of smooth business operation through up-to-date user awareness contributing to optimizing service life of customer’s machinery & equipment.

Matrix conducts this training as part of post implementation procedure or at times on-demand based on customer requests. The program covers important topics such as safety, standard operating procedure, risk avoidance and routine maintenance – all of which is key to smooth operation of the equipment and optimising service life of customer’s machinery & equipment
This training is specially intended for customers whose operations involve higher frequency of usage of equipment, and also in situations where many different workers operate the same equipment or machinery. The key topics covered include awareness of safety, accident avoidance, repair and preventive maintenance
Customised training covers any of our product installations such as Chain Hoist, Pallet Truck, Warehouse Trucks and so on. Organised on demand based on client request
Oriantation and awareness of new products or services of Matrix.
Matrix conducts demonstrations of its products, based on customer requests, either at its head office or any specified customer location

Our Brands

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