Our After-Care has over 25 years of experience and expertise in providing after-sales services to customers who are using compressed air systems in Sri Lankan industries.

We are capable of providing high quality after-sales service as we are a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers and technicians who have more than 15 years of experience in air compressors and air treatment plants.

Once all equipment sold by us are being installed and commissioned our After Care Team will monitor its operation and service schedules using an enterprise level Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), and keep the customer updated on the next service schedule and the nature of the service required.

Machine Installation

Capacity calculation, selecting of ideal compressor package with energy saving options, design and installation of compressor room

Preventive Maintenance

Tracking of customer’s upcoming preventive maintenance using Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and issuing pre-alerts to inform him of same.

Also, our customer care officers will closely monitor upcoming preventive maintenance schedules of our customers’ machines and follow up with them to schedule preventive maintenance in order ensure that none of our customers’ machines miss out on timely maintenance.

In order to improve efficiencies of scheduling periodical maintenance in air compressors, we have developed the remote monitoring system (RADA).

Breakdown Repairs

In the event of sudden failure in the air compressors, our 24×7 on-call support team will help to recover failed machines by providing technical advice on-line. If on-line recovery is not successful, a backup device will be dispatched to the affected site as replacement, thereby helping to minimise impact to our customer’s business operations.

Since we have backup air compressors, dryers and critical spares in stock, backed by a team of 24×7 on-call support, we are able to provide fastest recovery service in the event of a breakdown.

Orientation, Training, Awareness Programmes

Matrix team getting trained locally and internationally.

We provide new, as well as refresher training for customers’ maintenance teams to keep them abreast with latest technologies



Spare Parts

  • 100% keeping stock of spare parts for regular service.
  • Critical spare parts : We have stand-by spare parts for handling any critical incident.

Air End Overhauling  

Screw element (Air End) is the most important part of any screw type air compressors. It is the part of the air compressor where actual compression takes place. Therefore it is the heart of the rotary screw air compressor.  Therefore technical expertise to repair the screw element will be very unique skill which can be gain by experience and technical knowledge. Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience and have trained by the principals.

With the level of technical expertise that our teams possess, we are capable of carrying out any kind of air end overhauling and repairs, and this capability is even further strengthened and complemented by having our own fully equipped workshop.

Air Compressor Repairs & Modifications 

We do repairs & Modification of any brand of air compressors of screw type compressors and piston type compressors.

01) Mechanical – Air end modification, Motor Modification, Cupping repair, Intake valve modification, Cooler repair, pipe & hose repair

02) Electrical – Motor rewinding & repair, Solenoid, Electrical system (transformer, Contactor, Etc)

03) Electronic – Controller replacement or repair

Other repairs related to compressed air systems

Air tool, Agitator, pump like actuators related to the compressed air systems repair was done


  • We repair & service all major refrigerant Air Dryer Brands & Chillers
  • Air Dryer modifications
  • Troubleshooting Refrigerant circuit problems
  • Giving solutions customer’s compressed air system
  • Buyback proposals to customer’s old air dryers
  • Evaporator Cleaning
  • Refrigerant circuit inspections & repairs


We provide air compressors, dryers & air receivers on temporary rental basis for customers who face an emergency such as sudden breakdown in existing compressor package, temporary increase in compressed air demand or new plant start-up etc.

Since we maintain large amount of screw compressors in store, we have the capability to attend to customer’s emergencies or sudden, unplanned needs involving compressed air, within a very short period of notice, thereby helping to minimize interruption to customer’s business operations.

Our Renting Means

  • More than 80 machine fleet ( Air compressors, Dryers & air receivers)
  • Cost effective rates – Hourly, Daily or Monthly
  • Attend to emergency air compressor needs
  • Appropriate terms & conditions
  • Attractive packages for the long term rental agreements
  • Flexible service to accommodate your requirement
  • Highly trained technical personnel

Benefits of long term rental agreement:

  • No capital cost
  • Competitive prices
  • Attractive packages for the long term rental agreements
  • 100% maintenance cost borne by Matrix (Pvt) Ltd
  • One-to-one replacement of machinery in case of breakdown
  • Risk free

RADA – Remote Activity Data Acquisition

This module is designed to alert our customers with the machine running status via text messaging system. The device is capable of detecting faults, warnings and machine status, along with duration for the next service.

The module is capable of tracking the machine’s operation and notify the customer whenever a set point is triggered. The device can notify a power-up, service reminders and warning alerts through the short message service (SMS).

Customer support service

Customer support service function has been part of After-care service, in that customer support manager will visit customer sites regularly as post-maintenance follow-up action to ascertain the quality of maintenance performed by After-care team and the level of customer satisfaction reached.

Customer support services manager will take care of customer’s requirements such as signing up service agreements and extended warranties for the goods and services supplied by Matrix (Pvt) Ltd.

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